Can I scream now???

young beautiful teen female The thought of going back to school was like drinking poison. When the thought came to me last year, I put it off at first, thinking to myself, “Are you kidding?” I had convinced myself that in this economy, especially in Reno, NV, that school would not do me any good. I had heard about people with Bachelor’s degrees unable to find work. So, going back to school was the furthest thing from my mind.

Then, I started working in health insurance, got my health and life license in about 24 states, and started seeing how Medicare and their supplemental plans worked. There were some things I believe should be better managed about Medicare and the supplement plans in general. I thought that system and the way it is set up is not really helping today’s senior, because of the lack of Social Security income. For instance, every year there is a slight increase in Social Security pay, only to be eaten up by a rise in healthcare costs. So, this does the senior no good in getting ahead on social security. Some even have to choose between eating and paying for their health insurance.

All of this lead to the thought of me going back to school.  I was in the mall one day and there was a kiosk for Morrison University. I saw that they had a program in Healthcare Management, so I inquired. I then found myself taking a tour of the school and signing up for classes by the end of January 2014. Now I work full time and go to school full time and it is a challenge to balance time for schoolwork. The only time I can do homework and study for tests is on the weekends. Oh, and I don’t have a car right now, so I have to get up at 5am in order to get to work by 9am. You see, I live on the north end of town and job school are on the south end of town,  So, the travel time is almost 2 hrs. So, I work from 9:00am to 5:30p, then school is from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. So, this makes for more that a 12 hour day. I do have Friday off from school, so that helps. I also pay a classmate gas money to give me a ride home at night. This saves me about an hour of travel time going home.

I am still adjusting to my new life. I am tired often and sometimes don’t get all of my schoolwork done.  I am learning how to change my routine to fit things like feeding the dogs (there are three of them),and even eating breakfast. All in all, it is an enriching experience and a sacrifice that I will be grateful for in the future.